5 Retail Store Interior Design Tips

Whether you own a clothing boutique or some other retail space, it is critical to have excellent interior design. Not only should patrons feel comfortable shopping for merchandise, but they should also feel comfortable walking around your shop/store. Basically, with the right interior design, you can make shoppers stick around for longer, which can increase the chances of them buying something. Not only that, but when it comes to the layout of the store, you want to unconsciously point people in the direction of certain items, especially new merchandise. No matter if you own a chain, or a mom and pop shop, having the right layout is critical.

Here are five retail store layout interior design tips.

  1. Make sure that you have an eye catching display in the front of the store. If you don’t have something that catches a buyer’s attention right in the front of the store, you could risk them walking out. Also, you want to attract people on the street as well. If your store is in an area with low foot traffic, having an eye catching display in the front of the store is even more important.

  2. Make sure to point customers in a certain direction when they reach the end of the store. You can think of your store as a maze – even though customers know exactly how to exit the store, you want to make sure that know exactly where to go when they reach the end of the store or an aisle. If you don’t do this, you could lead them right out the front door. So, you can either add some kind of sign or even a clothing rack where customers can keep shopping. When you do make a sign, you want to make it natural, aesthetically pleasing and attention grabbing.

  3. Make sure that you point a customer’s gaze to the right. By pointing a customer’s gaze to the right, you can increase sales and the amount of time a shopper spends in your store. Studies have shown that shoppers naturally look right when they look inside a store. If you don’t create visually arresting signs, clothing displays or racks on the right side of the store, you could be sending potential customers back out the door.

  4. Make sure to use an interior designer for your furniture choices. If you want to really impress shoppers, the furniture you choose and what you put on the walls is critical. This is why hiring a professional team, like L'ART DESIGN interior design, is so important. Not only will you get the best furniture choices, but an interior design firm will know exactly where to put the furniture to get the best response. Customer response is everything when it comes to retail design.

  5. Make sure to break it up. If you have a large retail space, it is important to create pauses here and there. Studies have shown that if aisles are too long and if shelves are too wide, it could be causing shoppers to lose interest. In retail, the last thing you want is for buyers to lose interest.

  17 Apr 2021
Kontak Kami